Community Management for Corporate Alumni

Capture new business leads, accelerate your recruitement and manage your brand

Your alumni network is a key asset for your business. Take control.

Hivebrite helps top firms create and maintain durable bonds with their former employees. Facilitate gatherings and in-person networking for a win-win strategy.

Capture new business leads
In many cases, your former employees are your future best clients. With Hivebrite, maintain a strong link with them and make sure you’re always on their radar so they can easily reach out to you for new business opportunities.
Accelerate your recruitment
Finding good recruits is a key challenge for all companies. With Hivebrite, you can publish open positions to your former employees so you get talent referrals from them or even hire them back.
Enhance your brand
Happy former employees are your best ambassadors and the cheapest form of advertising. Keeping a strong relation with your alumni will drive their sense of belonging and how they talk about your company.
Keep track of your alumni
Stay in touch with your alumni and keep track of what they are doing. Whether they are developing a particular expertise, working in a certain company or creating their own business, generate opportunities for you and your alumni.

Organize your alumni reunions

Create local events for your alumni to gather and exchange. Whether it is a golf meetup or a networking drinks, easy access to the community will provide business opportunities and increase the sense of belonging.

Alumni reunions

Facilitate networking and generate opportunities

With a detailed directory, your alumni can look for members nearby or in a particular industry. They can use check-in, trips, create their own events or keep an eye on entrepreneurs to create networking and business opportunities.

Alumni infos

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