Why they choose Hivebrite

Powerful, highly customizable and easy to set up, Hivebrite covers all your needs to manage your community

Successful community management made easy

They have different goals and needs, yet they all use Hivebrite to manage their community and reach their targets

What are the benefits of Hivebrite?

Why choose Hivebrite over other community management tools? Here are just a few of Hivebrite’s main benefits

Run one single platform for all your needs: create your website, send email marketing campaigns, create events, manage online payments and give your members access to a complete private networking space
Easy to launch and maintain
We can get your platform up and running in a few hours. You get access to upgrades and new features automatically and at no additional costs.
Data friendly
If you already have a user base or existing content, we make it easy for you to migrate them to Hivebrite. By the way, data remains yours (not ours) and you can export it at any time.
Access all the information of your platform from any device. You can even have a branded mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play to further engage your community.

Flexibility and customization in everything we do

User profile : define what information you collect
Integration with your existing systems (CRM, SSO, etc.)
Signup process: choose how users join
Control : define the level of interaction you want to enable on your platform
Modular features : select the features you want for your community

The way we work with our clients

We’ve developed Hivebrite alongside top institutions over the last years. Our clients help us shape and optimize Hivebrite into a world class solution

Collaborative innovation based on continuous feedback
Regular updates about upcoming features
Improvements and new features benefiting all clients at no additional cost
True support and training from day one

Want to see Hivebrite in action?

Want to see the platform for yourself, and learn how it can be used for your organization? We’ll be happy to organize a demo for you.

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