Community Management for Professional Communities

Engage your network, increase collaboration, stay up-to-date and share best practices

Together you can make a difference

We help members of professional networks interact effectively. For business purposes or knowledge sharing.

Engage your network
Easily address all your network or target specific segments. Delivering the right information, to the right individuals has never been so simple. A solid and intuitive platform will increase your members’ engagement and increase the value for your members.
Increase collaboration
Facilitate member interaction & foster a collaborative environment. Powerful networking features like check-in and trips, and a highly visual directory on a map with powerful filters will allow your members to easily meet with other members.
Stay up-to-date
Share achievements, new projects & initiatives. All in one place. With Hivebrite, you have all you need to maintain an up-to-date directory of your members with custom privacy settings.
Spread best practices
Organize events, share documents or drive discussions. All the tools you need to spread information within your community are included in the solution and easy to use.

Share information about your industry

Hivebrite provides you with a complete media center that allows you to easily share documents to your members. You can give access to presentations, videos, and all types of documents so your community always benefits from the latest information.

Alumni reunions

Your community at a glance

See how your community is distributed globally and facilitate local interactions thanks to powerful geolocation and in-person networking features. Accessible from any devices so your members never miss an opportunity.

Alumni mobile

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